Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cookie Interruptus

I was standing in the kitchen eating the last half of a cookie left over from lunch. Riley was in the other room talking on the phone with his favorite aunt. I guess he heard me crunching or instinctively felt he was about to miss out because he wandered in the kitchen and said, "you're not eating the last cookie from lunch, are you?!" Quite indignantly too. I felt so guilty because I had told him I would save the cookie for him. But figuring he would be happy with the gallon size plastic pumpkin full of chocolates, gummies and other canker-inducing candies that the cookie could safely be mine. So I put it back in the paper bag, knowing he'll have forgotten about it by tomorrow and days later I'll unearth it, once it has become stale. My moral dilemma is, now that he is in bed, can I finish the cookie going on the assumption that he won't look for it tomorrow or should I be a good mother and just let the wretched cookie lie.

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