Sunday, November 16, 2008


I need to buy new bras and I'll admit I'm terrified. Usually I'll walk into a department store and just get the standard 34B in a sports bra. I hate padding, under wires and all the other cruel inventions made by someone who likely never has to wear one. Think of the medieval Madonna cone bra or the lift-and-separate. Ever been poked by an under wire that has worked its way loose? I have. It was painful and embarrassing. I have also been going about my business and looked down to see a wire sticking four inches out of the front of my sweater. There is no way to gracefully shove that hardware back in. We can put men on the moon and cameras on mars, can't we design bras that don't pinch, rise up or dig in? Or how about making them affordable? Too much to ask? Honestly, couldn't we lock five smart women in a room and keep them there until they come up with a comfortable, humane bra? Of course we wouldn't starve them or anything. We would deliver sushi, designer coffees, chocolate and vodka while they work. Until then I'll be in the department store picking up my 34Bs.

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