Friday, November 14, 2008

One Hundred and Thirty-six

I don't get marketing. Or metric, and I live in Canada. I grew up learning the Imperial system then they did the old switcheroo when I was in grade 7 (I think). So my basis really is in inches, cups, pounds and Fahrenheit, not centimetres, millilitres, grams and Celsius. Minutes ago I tore off the tab for a new box of tissues. The count reads "136". Now what kind of number is that for an ordinary box of tissues, I ask? Why not 140. Or 130. Or even 135. Is it the metric conversion of an American box of 150? What is in a number anyway?

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oreneta said...

HEY! I did an Insall class too. Are you enjoying it? I did her backgrounds...and got some good hints out of it....Thanks for coming by my site by the way...did you find it through Kal? She has a good site don't you think?

I had to laugh...I also stood for a minute at 11am when I was a kid, I thought they had stopped that. I am glad they haven't. I also switched from imperial to metric half way through idea what grade, and find myself all mixed up still.