Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time to waste

I must say I rather like having the clocks move back an hour. I like getting up at "six" and feeling rested. I like getting out of the house by "nine" and twirling around the grocery store and home by "eleven". I liked waking up and having it almost light out. I know I am not going to be crazy about the early sundowns, getting home from work in the dark. And the frost has finally finished off my garden. All the last stragglers that hung in there have finally given it up to the cold. I knew it was bound to happen. As of yesterday I find myself in my least favorite month of the year (next to January). November tends to be gray, bleak, cold and dark with very little to look forward to. At least December has Christmas, February has my son's birthday and by then the days start to get noticeably longer, you can often feel the heat of the sun when it's out. March you know you are in the final stretch of winter. April's rain means the snow gets washed away and the early bulbs starting showing us some much needed splashes of colour. But November? Sorry all you Scorpios but I just can't get up the energy to love this month.

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