Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All Things Canadian

We saw our first V of Canadian geese this morning, followed by running into another parent in the schoolyard who had seen a red-winged blackbird. Spring must really be here! All I need to seal the deal is a robin.

Last night I foolishly stayed up late to finish Joan Barfoot's, "Exit Lines". I have enjoyed much of her fiction, I think my favorites are, "Duet for Three", "Family News" and "Plain Jane". Originally I stumbled across her work in the library, while looking for another "B" author, exactly which one I don't remember now. And Exit Lines is one of the reasons I have been thinking so much about aging lately. It is about a new assisted care residence that opens up and the residents that move in. The subject at first put me off a bit, because honestly, I didn't want to read about a bunch of old fogies. But it is a book about hope and living and friendship. A couple of my favorite lines in the book were, "Life, it seems, never runs out of shoes to drop" and "It seems that sometimes she doesn't especially like her old friends anymore. Causing the diverting question to arise: can people still reasonably be called friends if a person no longer much likes them?" Yup, it was a goodie.

The rest of the day was kind of crappie. I am unfortunately associating my most crappy days with the ones that I work. Why is it so darned hard to go on vacation? Why must we do everything we would do during our time away BEFORE we leave, then scurry around like starving rats when we return to "make up" for our time away. I am hoping this next week will be rejuvenating and help me to adjust my attitude a bit. Because when I really stop and think, I have so much to be grateful for.

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Beth said...

Read that book, too. Wow, our tastes are similar. I found it rather inspiring. Hope I'm that feisty in my old age.
No geese sighting here yet. Maybe I missed them??