Friday, March 13, 2009


Today I caught up with two of Emily's 52 Question tags.

The next two weeks of questions (as I am now two weeks behind) are difficult ones for me - the first is a question about bravery, the second about movies. I am one of the least brave people I know, but I'm going to ruminate on it for awhile. And at this point in my life I see very few films that aren't aimed at a much, much younger audience. But today while I was flipping through all the tags I've done so far, I've been surprised at the rawness that appears in them. I am so unconcerned with finished product and I have found the journaling on the backs to have been quite therapeutic for me. I keep them on a ring and I can see that I'm soon going to need a bigger ring.

I spent considerable time working and reworking my Owl Owl. I'm not so sure I like what's happened the last two days I've picked away at it. I might post a progression of it here soon, if I'm brave enough (!). I feel like I have to just sit with it and fix it until I'm happy. Would that I have a three day weekend to myself...And it's a busy time coming up. I have in-laws arriving on Monday, until Friday. Then my sister and her boyfriend on Friday, until Sunday. Then Riley and I jet off to the land of palm trees and sunscreen. I hope I can bring it to a happier place before my departure. But I'm happy with the tags. Really happy with the tags. They are by no means great art, but they are a part of me that makes me feel - I'm not sure how to explain it - like a real person with likes and dislikes, something to say, valid feelings. See - I said it was hard to explain.

A shot from the botanical gardens - my heart:


Snap said...

REAL and HAPPY are always good.

Love the look on Riley's face.


Beth said...

I’m enjoying the questions posed on these tags – they make me think. What would I do if I knew I could not fail?
As for bravery? I don’t think it can be judged by grandiose words and deeds. Sometimes just getting through the day is an act of bravery.