Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am not a terrific housekeeper. That is what I plan on telling the in-laws when they land tomorrow. I started to do a house clean this morning when Riley started to get stomach pains. It seems he's OK, as long as he doesn't eat. Cool. After a lengthy telephone conversation with a nurse on the Info-Sante line, she assured me it wasn't cause for a trip to emergency (wait times are around 14 hours right now). She gave me a list of symptoms to go to the hospital for, so I'm armed. Each time he has eaten today, he gets these cramps but after about half an hour he's fine and back to playing. Even water gives him cramps. But that means my house didn't get cleaned. We've been lucky so far with the gastro. We've missed much of what was going around in his school, but until he's able to eat without pain he'll be staying home. This is the only angle I dared to take a picture of today:

It must be the time of year the spiders are waking up because I have cobwebs hanging from everything. Here's a shot of a little guy I caught in the back mudroom and a shot of a much bigger guy that I, gratefully, didn't find in my house (hint: the insectarium from last weekend):


Beth said...

Sounds as though either that virus hasn't entirely left his body or a new one has arrived. But better to be dealing with it now than on your trip.
Hope he feels better soon - it's been along haul for him - and for Mom.

Snap said...

Golly, sure hope you and Riley catch a break soon. Enjoyed the pix. Spiders are sooooooo ... spidery! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am glad my post helped remind you of such important date. I am sorry to hear you son is not feeling well, I hope he does feel better soon.
We will keep both of you in our prayers.
Have a great week with your inlaws,