Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Big Zit

This week Riley had a zit. Not any zit, but The Big Zit. His First Big Zit. He has had good skin so far, the odd pimple that has been small and cleared up within two or three days but this week it was a honker. Monday he woke up with a small pimple on the side of his nose. By the time he came home from school it was looking like it had a mind of its own. Tuesday morning it sprouted a big whitehead. He was largely fascinated with it and was getting plenty of advice from his classmates on how to get rid of it. Thursday after school he plays soccer and as luck would have it, he got hit in the nose with the soccer ball. It was sore. I am no stranger to zits, having battled various degrees of acne since I was 13 and I have a battalion of artillery. Friday night (sorry this is the artist in me) I asked if I could take a picture of it as it had been one of the main sources of conversation this week and he said yes and gave me permission to show it to anyone I wanted. I may have had my first serious zit at the age of 7, I don't remember and if I did, it didn't scar me emotionally. Those scars came much later around the age of 15.

I guess it could be considered to be some rite of passage.


Kim Mailhot said...


Will you keep that photo and show it to his first love ? Seems even worse that the naked in the bath ones...;)

Have a cozy and zit free rest of the weekend !

Beth said...

Ouch. That looks painful and sore.
Brings back memories - and not the best kind.
I think it's sweet that his classmates were giving Riley advice.

Realliveman said...

I remember those days...

Come to think of it I had one of those days three days ago


Sherry said...

Boys and acne seems worse than girls with acne. My older son really didn't have any issues to speak of but the younger? Oh he's had his share, starting around age 13. This one of Riley's looks nasty indeed. I can't even imagine the soccer ball hitting that...ouch doesn't even come close!!

oreneta said...

That is a most impressive zit! Congrats!!!!

Hope it isn't sore.