Sunday, March 14, 2010

You Don't Have to be Young to be Green

It has been so unseasonal here, day after day of sunshine, if cool temperatures. People have been walking around saying we could use some rain to clean things up. Today the rains came, just in time for our St. Patrick's Day parade. Drat! Originally our plan was to go downtown and show a little green and after a lot of complaining (mine) we went anyway. Rain, wind and cold temperatures, we dressed for it in snow pants and extra layers and I was glad we did but I now have the kind of chill that will only be chased away by a hot bath. I learned that I envy people who do things regardless of the weather because I really did have a good time. Children are often like that, oblivious that their feet are frozen or they are soaked to the bone. They manage to be present. I envy that too. Here are a few highlights from this afternoon.

Nothing says St. Patrick's Day like a bunch of bagpipes, right?

The Bonhomme was there too:

I'm not sure what the significance of the dragon was, but the people driving sure looking like they had gotten into the green beer.

And, HELLO! Somehow this one snuck into my viewfinder as I don't remember seeing this in person.

We were pretty low key ourselves, we left the green wigs at home, feeling a little self conscious riding on the metro with them although we shouldn't have because it was packed with people who also do things regardless of the weather.


Kim Mailhot said...

Bravo, Brave Ones !
Sweet green moments from my home town...
Hey Kim, give me a call Tuesday when you are off- if you are off. I miss you !
Talk to you soon.

oreneta said...

So kind of them to produce such a cute mountie! Makes it worth the trip, no?
Glad you didn't freeze too solid.

Beth said...

Children are definitely present. In fact, sometimes they prolong the “moment.” I can remember crying in pain as my frozen feet thawed after ice-skating far too long.

Did you wear a little green hat, too?

GingerB said...

I dressed my family as candy in protest of our state legislators voting to keep vending machines in our public schools. All in the name of choice, free will, and funding education with Coke and Cheetos. But I'll take any excuse to act like a nutjob in public, and then publish proof in the form of pictures on my blog.