Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Haiku

Dark and stormy thoughts
It's sunny and yet my head
is in the crapper

Why can't I just be
grateful for every moment?
Instead I wallow

and agonize o'er
what I haven't done right or
well or perfectly

So I focus on
every dark thought as painful
reminders of me

mucking up again
and my inadequacies
shining examples

of how low I feel
in my head and in my heart
with no light in sight

My cells are weeping
mourning the chances gone by
of making things right


Beth said...

An inadequate response to this post but it reminded of this quotation:

Today a friend wrote me, “Do you think you are a mistake just because you made one?” ~ Hugh Prather

Yes, chances go by, we make mistakes, feel lost and sometimes the future looks bleak – but there is a future, there will be other chances and opportunities to make things right.

Be gentle with yourself. If you’re unable to see it right now, I will tell you – you are an amazing, loving, creative and generous woman.

(p.s. I’ve learned a lot from my own “muck ups”)

Snap said...

Listen to Beth! "you are an amazing, loving, creative and generous woman" Amen

Sherry said...

Excellent response from Beth. And a glass of wine and putting your feet up, saying to yourself, I'm really quite all right, helps to take some of the heat off your back. We can be our own worst enemies, so why not be our own best friends? (((hugs)))tal