Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ethics Anyone?

I love a happy ending and a company with good consumer ethics. We have a whole collection of the books put out by the Klutz company, and love them all. A few years ago I bought Riley this book called Rescue Trucks:

It's a board book that comes with four mini trucks, inside it has different scenes and roads. One day Riley left the house with his babysitter and those four trucks; they came home without them. On a whim last night I checked Klutz's website to see if they sold the trucks separately and when I didn't see a listing I emailed them. Within minutes I had a reply back, no they didn't sell them separately but they had a few extra sets and would send them to us at no charge. We emailed back and forth a few times, admittedly me gushing with praise for their swift and generous replies and within less than half an hour of my first email it was all fixed. If there are kids on your shopping list for any reason, check out the Klutz/Chicken Socks products. They are creative, fun and very original. We keep going back to our books, they have all been well worth their price. And I especially love how they stand behind their products.


Beth said...

How refreshing to encounter a human being (and an ethical company) rather than someone spouting a rote, “I’m sorry, we’re unable to…” when making such emails or phone calls.
Perhaps Klutz will come across your blog!

Heather Plett said...

It's always great to hear when a company gets customer service right! I've always liked Klutz books, but now will go out of my way to buy them. :-)

Realliveman said...

Hey, I know that book!! Awesome read! I love trucks

Sophia said...

Hi Kim,

Mr. Sole Monkey is ready to travel from Edinburgh to visit you. Please leave me an comment (mine are monitored) and let me know if you would still like him to visit you. :)

Take care!

bess said...

It's wonderful to find companies who care isn't it! You have a wonderful blog, full of your spirit. AND that Human Calendar...where did you ever find that? I may steal that from you.