Friday, March 12, 2010

The Little Things

I do go on and on about the joys of mutha'hood, my seemingly special little boy. This morning he wanted to make our breakfast elegant by putting parasols in our drinks.

I am loving rediscovering the simple wonders of living. So grateful to be shown joy in little things, being taught how to look and look again and find something special in something ordinary. It's a case of truly living in the moment, between the gentle and not so gentle reminders to eat up, hurry up so as not to miss the next thing. It is frustrating sometimes to be slowed down. But when I do slow down, the rewards are plenty.


Beth said...

I'm amazed at how often I have to remind myself to do just that - slow down and appreciate what is - the here and now.

Lovely, festive drinks!

Kim Mailhot said...

May your drinks be graced by little umbrellas everyday...

Love this post very much.
Hugs, Sweet Kim.

oreneta said...

Life can be mighty good can't it.