Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Haiku

Does it get better?
The dirty feet of summer.
Should I feel ashamed?

Greasy sunscreened legs,
navels over bathing suits,
smelling of chlorine.

How about this gem -
artist driven bicycle.
Seat looks kind of hard...

It was parked neatly
outside a tatoo parlour.
I didn't get one.

A tatoo, I mean,
In case you were wondering.
Dirty feet suffice.


Snap said...

Some great post and photos ... living life to the fullest ... loved the ghost fish, feet, trip to the dentist (next week here).

Lis said...

what lyrical and visual descriptions of summer! Your haiku ranks as one of my all time favorites :)

i haven't been to kripalu for a few years, so their iced tea is new and sounds amazing. if you perfect the recipe, let me know. my favorite is mint iced tea but i do like mine with agave nectar (i tell myself that is healthier than the recipe for the ice of my youth that included CUPS of sugar!)

i love how you uncover the most intriguing details in your world. i am laughing at that bike seat - that is how my bum FEELS after a long ride!

xo Lis