Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Quest

I am on the quest for the perfect glass of tea. I drink mine unsweetened and cold, iced even. I used to think I made the perfect pitcher - one bag of black tea, a few pinches of green gunpowder (preferably by Kusmi) and a few squeezes of lemon. But since I took my retreat at Kripalu a month ago where they had, literally on tap, an iced tea which blended (I wish I remembered for sure) some rooibos, blackberry (or blackcurrant), lavender, rosehips and hibiscus (I think) perhaps a bit of cranberry as well, I discovered liquid ambrosia. Since then I have tried to recreate the recipe, have come close but not close enough. Another shot at perfection happened today, adding in a few blends from Teaopia acquired during my visit to Toronto a few weeks ago. I'm floundering, is there anyone with good iced tea recipes to share?


Cheryl said...

I have two suggestions. The first is a journey to Camelia Senensis on Saint-Denis. Describe the tea to them and they will blend it for you. Check their website. Failing that or in the alternative, visit your closest David's Tea. They also have a website. They will also try to blend you a tea based on your description. 8>)

Otherwise, I can't help. I'm a coffee drinker!

oreneta said...

I had a post up about this and got a lot of responses, yours sounds more complex than most...wish I could come down and we could to a taste off...that'd be a treat.