Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Day I Ate the Frog

I ate the frog this morning. And it was nasty. Karen talked this week about how she manages to get as much done on any given day by eating the frog first. This morning I woke up thinking my own frog was getting pretty stinky. It was keeping me up some nights, niggling in the back of my mind every time I've tried to start something the last month or so. So with the inspiration of Karen, I took this big pile of bills and papers

and reduced it to this small pile of envelopes to mail.

I wrote cheques for utilities, property taxes, advance income tax instalments and even a few charities because I figure why should the tax man get ALL my money.

So with the help of my favorite cheapo ball point pen

and much grimacing,

I ate my frog. And oddly enough, it feels like I've already digested it. Do you have a frog to eat today?


Cheryl said...

Yeah, the grimace is the pain of writing cheques. Bet it feels good to have reduced the clutter though. Eh? Making room for positives are we? Took me a long time but every time I look at the corner of my desk, I feel great!

oreneta said...

Yes I do...a great big fat bull frog and I know I will feel so much better when it's done, but still......oh.

Kim Mailhot said...

As someone who really hates frogs, this post gives me shivers of revulsion!
But I am gald your gaced those pesky "gremlins" shall we say. It will make for a more peaceful tomorrow !

Levonne said...

Love the humor!

magpie said...

what a terrific way of looking at things. a did some work on piles of paper myself yesterday. a drop in the bucket of my mess - maybe just frog's legs - but still.

Karen said...

doesn't it feel so much better?? :)