Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pet Peeve of the Week

I almost hate to do this, what with the snow melting at a good clip and seeing my first batch of geese flying north today. I mean, everything is coming up roses at the moment. I have an insane two hours all to myself starting RIGHT NOW, spring is definitely inching closer, Riley's pox have peaked and are on their way out. But I have been thinking lately about this little detail of life that burns my butt. It goes like this: I don't mind bringing my own bags to stores instead of getting un-green plastic ones. But when I then have to PACK my own bags, well that kind of steams me. IMHO, part of the cashier's "job" involves service and just because I brought the bag doesn't mean he or she can't fill it. So while I'm standing there, juggling mittens and hats and wallet and change and receipt, the cashier just stares back at me, waiting for me to get organized enough to pack my purchases. This is happening more and more to me and I guess is a product of the generation working cashes in places that don't provide bags. Is there anything burning your butt this week?


Sherry Smyth said...

I totally get that! I never minded at places like No Frills and Food Basics -- they have always been bag your own -- it's part of the discount in the cost of goods.

But when major grocers went to this (because of the government) suddenly we're bagging ourselves AND we're paying higher prices for the goods?? Two of the places I shop that are regular grocers actually do bag for you -- as you are paying and what not, they take your bags for you and bag them.

Wal Mart has been a little slow off the mark on this -- originally they expected you to bag your own -- now they do it for you.

Your Pet Peeve is well justified!!!

Cheryl said...

I'm with you on this one~! However, I'm finding that it's usually at the express counter so I stopped going to the express lane. I'm dealing with too much to bag my own.

Matawheeze said...

I only patronize places where I get decent service. It is important to visit the manager to complain and say why you're choosing to go elsewhere and influence your friends to follow suit. Also important to see the manager and praise good service, rarer for folks to do! Go get 'em!