Friday, March 4, 2011

What I've Learned, Week 20

I wasn't going to post this, it is by far my roughest card, then I thought what the heck. It's not my favourite piece of art, but it does represent the best image transfer I have ever done, both back and front. I used this card to play with that, starting with a photo shot from my scouts camping weekend as the background. The transfer worked really well (yay! for the first time despite the last two years of mis-fires). I inked over it with distress inks and some other heavily pigmented inks. The difference to making these transfers work for me were:

1) printing my images to be transferred on plain copy paper;
2) using them almost immediately, with Golden brand gel medium and pressing them down firmly with the edge of a credit card;
3) waiting only about a minute before I started peeling off the paper holding the original image.

A certain amount of the paper had to be finger-rolled off but really it is the first time my photo image has successfully transferred and I've tried many, many different ways to transfer images. Sounds simple, it feels like it was simple.



Lis said...

brilliant! i've tried transfers a few times ... i thought you had to use color copies from the xerox/kinko's shop (feeling very dated here to even say those two names together!) Will have to try your technique out!

also, just to nudge you ... i did both BIG and DEEP painting on my floor ... i don't have a big, spare wall to tack my paintings up ... so i lay out a shower curtain and paint on top of it ... gets tricky when using 6 pieces of poster board! but it worked for me ... i would roll things up and stash away until my next session ...

okay, please stop sending us your cold canadian air! Seesh! Yesterday was in the 50's and this weekend snow?
xo lis

oreneta said...

Thanks for the technical tips! That was delightful.....