Friday, March 18, 2011


I am deviating from my regular Friday Haiku because I really didn't think I could sculpt one out of this segment. I am reading about how many of my blogging friends are in full spring mode. Today (being a pedagogical day, like any self-respecting Friday is with our school board), Riley and I paid a visit to our local ice cream parlour - Wild Willy's. Oh, Wild Willy's has now opened for another season and we were one of the first customers!

Since they didn't yet have their lemon granita, Riley settled for plasticine-play doh

while I had my traditional Moocaccino.

We have that je ne sais quoi, eating ice cream in our winter outerwear.

We left a rock behind, something we hadn't done in quite some time.

On the way home I stopped to take some photos of what are considered to be "optional" stop signs. I can't tell you how many near-misses I've had on these corners, how many times I've been yelled at, cussed, flipped the bird and so on. Today I wanted to take photos just to be sure the stop signs are actually there, in my mind, if they turned up in the photo, they are concrete. Riley kept reassuring me that he saw them too but I'm still having my doubts even though I can see them here (lurking behind a big pile of ice)

and here (yup, it's trash day)

and here.

To everyone else they are invisible.


Cheryl said...

They're not invisible silly. The car needs a special windshield so that the driver can see them. The problem is that the special windshield is an expensive option! Just like the turn signal.

Sherry Smyth said...

I'm laughing at Cheryl's comment about the turn signal!! Too true!!

I still see some mounds of snow..most of those are gone here in's delightful!

I'm envious of the two of you with your ice cream delights....seriously, Riley's was plasticine play doh??? What a name for ice cream...but hey, it's catchy!!!

oreneta said...

That is an evil looking mountain of grungy snow. BeGOOOONEEE!

There, hope that helped.

Bet the icecream was better.

Jonathan said...

Oh, the stories I could tell you about my seeming invisibility while riding my mountain bike to and from the office...

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