Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Haiku

It's first of the month
were you an April fool? Or -
ha! fool someone else?

Carefully planned pranks.
Here we do "poisson d'avril",
French for "April Fish",

which, to me, doesn't
have the same impact although
it is much safer.


Sherry Smyth said...

Somehow April Fish doesn't have the same ring to it!! I mean, what do you DO with the fish???

Kim Mailhot said...

One April Foll's Day, when my sister was about 19, and she and my dad were the only two left living at home, my dad bought a smoked mackerel and hid it under the sheets in her bed. When she got home that night after a late shift working as a waitress, he tip-toed into the hallway to listen at her door when she got into bed. He giggled like a little kid at her shriek ! That is the best poisson d'avirl joke I had ever heard of. I guess you can see where I get my kookiness from !
Happy April ! Glad there is no snow in your day !