Sunday, April 10, 2011

Top Ten Reasons I Know It's Spring

Number 1: seeing the first pair of white pumps on a fellow female commuter (at least I think she was female)

Number 2: the return of the Bixi

Number 3: seeing an ant traipse across the floor in the bathroom at Starbucks

Number 4: Girl Guide cookies on sale

Number 5: my Crumpler bag is back in use (they make amazing bags - - but their website used to be a lot more entertaining, this one is the Headaitch)

Number 6: I'm starting to think about what I look like in a bathing suit

Number 7: bike helmets have replaced tuques at the back door

Number 8: I've been told to *Twinkle*

Number 9: I can ignore the garden clean up because of that one tenacious pile of snow that refuses to melt

and the Number 10 reason why I know it's Spring (drum roll.....)

Number 10: I sat on something wet on the bus on the way to work and DIDN'T CARE)

What is telling you that it's Spring?


Sherry Smyth said...

ROFL on the white shoes on a fellow commuter you thought was a woman!!!

I can tell it's spring by my allergies; the way the sun highlights all of the cobwebs in my house and the sounds of outdoor tools when my neighbours are out there doing heaven only knows what!!

twinkle on!!!

magpie said...

ROFL here on the last...
but what's a bixi?

Cheryl said...

Know it's spring because my neighbor hung her wash on the line! Finally! Spring~!

Snap said...

too funny! moving directly to summer ... UGH.....

oreneta said...

YEs yes yes yes yes

Spring is SUCH a relief!

Lis said...

What a great list! OMG ... the ants, the deluge of catalogs reminding me swimsuit season will arrive, girl scout cookies (my stash from last year is down to one box) and then twinkle? How did you take that? (I have a fairy circle of painted stones in my yard ... after 1 1/2 years of our weather, only 2 are still legible ... Hopeful and Celebrate. Well, there you have it!)

Spring for me? The robins are everywhere and with that comes ... robin poop everywhere! Rabbits as big as overfed house cats ... but the sign Spring is truly here? When the street sweepers finally come through and clean up all the debris from winter.

Oh, my middle aged triathlon consists of supplements at breakfast, lunch and dinner ... I think I need one of those pill organizers for all my "meds" (and then there are the energy shakes ... raw cider vinegar tonics ... skin serums ... this keeps me in shape!)

xo Lis

Kim Mailhot said...

Yeehaw, Kimmypoo, you twinkly one, you !
Enjoy the springy vibes !

The Dutch Girl said...