Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Haiku

Pulling out the stops.
Been so long since I've Haiku-ed
(um, the verb, that is).

But my dear friend, Kim
mentioned me in hers today
and inspired me.

So here's to you, Kim
I've put finger to keyboard
to send you my love.


thecatalanway said...

for a moment i was a little confused - I thought your name was Kim? then I went to visit your friend and understood. It's good to be reminded of this - that we should send thanks and love to friends now! Not wait. This is what i got from your lovely Haiku. thank you. And hope you come over for Vermut! Kate x

Kim Mailhot said...

Big smile. Love ya, Kimmy-poo.

beth said...

she's the best isn't she ?