Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My friend, Frida

I have an awesome friend who I call "Frida" and she calls me "Frida" too, in recognition of living our lives out loud, in full colour like Frida Kahlo.

She posted a photo on Facebook of a fabulous t-shirt created by Rachel Awes and I jokingly said I wear a size medium.  And the next thing I know, there was a size medium in my mailbox, gifted to me by Frida.

With a lovely little note.

(Pssssst.  Rachel Awes is now over here.)

All she did was listen and kept her heart open.  And gifted me more than a t-shirt, she gifted me renewed hope that I am heard which is especially B-I-G to me as I pray fervently for Fukushima and the healing and survival of all living things on our earth.  Thank you, friend.


Kim Mailhot said...

Love that! Good Fridas!!!!
Love is what sees us through.
Love and light to you !

dixiebelle said...

Friends, especially good ones that truly care for us, are jewels! I love it that you call each other Frida =)

Roos said...

You are heard.
I hear you.
Even though I'm at the other side of the world.
Loud and clear.
Nothing to worry about.
Sending love!
And keep up the good work ;-)

Sherry Smyth said...

If I was standing beside you -- physically -- because I am always standing beside you in every other way -- I would be hugging you and saying "you look fabulous in that t-shirt Frida". I love it when our hearts connect and we hear each other over all other noise in this world. xoxoxo Frida.

Rosaria Williams said...

Amazing. Touchingly beautiful.