Friday, November 22, 2013

Some things that were brought to my attention

First, driving around town yesterday we saw a rainbow up in the clouds on a day with no rain in sight.  The photo is poor, but you can see the circled diagonal streak that didn't translate from the magnificent colours that I tried to capture.

We took it as a sign of much needed hope.

I recently received an email from an organization (who will remain unnamed since they are now seeking less publicity) asking me to unlink a link in one of my blog posts  After a little investigation the link was in a post from almost three years ago and appeared in a spam comment which I had ignored.  I thought it was pretty ballzy for an organization to hire people to leave comments on blogs to link their business and then to demand their own thin sort of advertising be removed.  I found myself with an earworm of that old Monty Python song, "Spam".

And I'll leave you with my latest pet peeve which is reading things like "c if u"  and "b4" anywhere that isn't a text message or a tweet.  I'm really not as crabby as I sound.


Sherry Smyth said...

Ballsy cheek from whoever it was wanted you to remove their spam!! And I'm with you on the short form typing in eyes kind of cross! lol!! Cool rainbow -- when you see one in unusual circumstances you can only think "hope" xo

Snap said...

Some things that are better left unattended....!!!! Love the try at the rainbow -- ice crystals???? I hate comments on posts with b4 etc ... give me a break. unfortunately that may be how they think before is spelled. Yikes!


Kim Mailhot said...

Rainbows are always good !
Funny, one of my new rocks is "no rain, no rainbows", which you just proved wrong...
Sending big hugs to you, my friend !

thecatalanway said...

i'd betr b careful then! i am guilty of this when i write on my ipad like now....typing with 1 hand. :)
And worse i dont use capitals or proper punctuation!

however, will now try 2 do better.

I saw ur (he he) photo and thought what a great idea drawing a circle onto a sky photo. That was b4(he he he)
I read that there was a rainbow inside it.

forgive me my friend...I need this little fun right now. Yes there is Hope and there are always signs to remind us K xxxxxx Big hugs from over here

dixiebelle said...

I spell everything out =) I'm old school like that!

balim said...

nice nice