Saturday, November 9, 2013

This Post Has No Title

This was not the blog post I started to write a week ago.  Last Friday I was going to talk about Halloween,  the nasty weather, friendship and finding community.  Then a vicious wind storm ripped through, breaking what would not bend

creating an electrical fireball and exploding  transformers, leaving behind crop circle burns on lawns

 melted lava 

and other Rorschach-esque metallic splotches etched into the sidewalks.

This was followed, on a personal level, by an allergic reaction to medication for a root canal gone wrong and on a global level, a painful awakening to what has been going on in Fukushima, the black rhinoceras being declared extinct and typhoon Haiyan rearranging innumerable lives.  

I no longer have the ability to make sense of a day, find platitudes or comfort at all.  The only thing I can do is witness.


Sherry Smyth said...

When faced with the inexplicable, I think what you've chosen to do is the wisest...simply witness.

How great to see you here by the way -- my eyes lit up when I saw your blog come up in my feed!! xoxo

thecatalanway said...

me too!

what can we do but witness and spread the word and keep on trying to convert fear and anger into love....moment by moment.

The Arctic 30, oily pollution in Ecquador, so many abandonned dogs in our shelters, the Philipines, new business laws banning democratic decisions to control Big Business, elephants in tourist 'camps' , ....I am dazed and slightly out of balance. Trying to just breathe and believe that humans can turn this around. If we want to.

Sorry about your tooth problems. I am recovering from a foot problem only to start a &*#%<>$ allergy problem. I sneeze my way to oblivion.

But. I do beleive it is important that we watch and listen. That we keep the balance tipped in the love direction. That we make our art and sing and dance.

Big hugs to you. K xx

Kim Mailhot said...

There is no making sense of any of it, Sweetie.
But there are good things happening in the world too. They may not be as "huge", but they are equally or perhaps even more, important than what is going wrong. I truly believe that we need to keep focused on what is right wherever and whenever we can.
Let's make a list...
Hope your recovery from icky medication is underway or done. Sending hugs !

Roos said...

Quite the neighborhood you live in ;-)

There is no such thing as comfort - yet at the same time, let that be your comfort.
Sending LOVE!!!