Monday, December 28, 2009

The Big and Small of Hockey

Coach and Riley. Big and small.

I don't want to be a hockey mom. I don't want to get in the car in the dark, drive on icy roads with one eye looking for an out-of-town arena and the other eye on the road, to then sit in a cold building for two and a half hours with people on either side of me blasting ear drum splitting horns reeking of cigarette smoke. With all due respect to hockey moms everywhere, of course. I'd rather be a soccer mom. Which, at its worst, means sitting in the pouring rain, eyes on the sky for lightening or ankles being eaten by mosquitoes. But mostly its spending the last hours of the day outside when the days are long and it feels like a blessing to be outside without multiple layers.

These days we are playing a tournament which means the nastier details of the above. To sound completely selfish, I want to spend a couple of days at home where we don't have any obligations to go anywhere. Where we can putz around with our stuff, watch too much t.v. and eat junk food. Hockey is an experiment this year and I'm secretly hoping the passion for it doesn't grow. Oh how awful of me, I know. But there it is, in all its naked honesty.


Beth said...

I admire your honesty but you know what? You just might eventually love being a hockey mom – get all caught up in the games...
I did, but then I used to play hockey. ;)

Do dress warmly!

sherry ♥ lee said...

I'm with Beth here (speaking as a long time hockey mom) just might find that you like it. Now, all the things you dislike are huge on my own dislike list. And as I am in my last year of organized hockey (my youngest is in his last year of midget) and I am looking forward to it being over, I also know that I am going to miss is tremendously.

Dress warmly, get some "hot pads" for your boots and gloves and have fun!!!

Heather Plett said...

Ummm... I'm a soccer mom and guess what? Indoor soccer! Yup, they play year round. And - oh boy, did I ever suffer through a LOT of bad weather this past summer. :-(

oreneta said...

I never liked hockey much till university, and now I quite like it a lot, being a sports mom can be a drag at times, though we only have youngest that is interested, so it is quite fun.

If it becomes intolerable for you, remember that families with multiple kids don't let the kids do many sports as it is simply impossible to organise. Those kids seem to grow up just fine, and I think better than kids that did to much.

If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy hon.

and BETH!!!! What position did you play? Goal? I imagine not defence.....