Friday, December 11, 2009

To Belabor A Point

Those are my new winter boots - Boggs - good to -30 Celcius, waterproof and breathable (thank you very much for that part). It seems I am forever on the quest for the perfect winter boot. I'll let you know how these pan out. And my snow pants. Life is better in the north with snow pants. No, I'm not five years old, but I wear them always when walking the dogs, always at a certain temperature no matter what I'm doing and it makes a huge difference.

I'm surprised that I felt so caught off guard with winter now here. After being lulled into a fall sense of global warming with the ridiculously fine November we had, this first storm really knocked me for a loop. Enough to call my snow removal company TWICE yesterday and act like the kind of consumer I loathed when I used to work retail.

But the Queen of Arts left me a message a couple of days ago which made me feel a little less alone in this blustery time. Basically she said she didn't intend to waste any more time letting something she had no control over get her down. She's rolling with it. I'm going to try harder to have that kind of attitude. Today I am grateful I don't have to go farther than walking the dogs. With the windchill it is -17 ( about 0 Fahrenheit). After 28 centimetres of snow (about a foot), then a smattering of rain and high winds, the deep freeze has moved in. I've noticed a pattern the last three winters that goes like this:

1) heavy snow fall
2) rain and high winds
3) sudden deep freeze

all within a 24 hour span. That, my friend, is winter in the north in the 21st century.


Kim Mailhot said...

It is soooo cold out there this morning ! I went out to fill the bird feeder because I want my chickadees to stay full up and have body fat to help them warm.
The good news is that right now I am sitting in a sun beam in the studio at the computer and I can still feel the warmth of that orb.
Baking a cake this morning to bring to a fun couple's games night at a friend's house tonight and then, just heading to the book store for some shopping. Lots to feel warm about...
I tried on those boots ! They seemed like they would be warm but I was worried about the slip slinding on the rubber. How are they for that ? We always have lots of ice around here as the city sucks at clearing the side walks.
Stay as warm as possible and may the stuff to feel grateful for always outweigh the stuff that tries to bring us down...
Big Love, my friend Kim !

beth said...

I think we should hop on a cruise ship and take a trip to the south of anywhere....

sounds good, huh ? I know kim would come with us :)

yesterday I had yoga pants on under my jeans just to stay warm while running errands...I think I will be doing this all winter since my snow pants just don't cut it while getting in and out of the car....

and boots...oh my boots !!
and long as my feet are warm, the rest of my body is pretty happy !!!

Beth said...

The perfect winter boot would prevent you from slipping on the ice. My big fear! Actually, I think you can buy some grip things to attach to your boots at Canadian Tire.

I'm really not liking this wind.

oreneta said...

I had/have a pair of sorrells that I adore/adored!

Can't remember if they survived this summer's big purge. Nothing quite like a really warm pair of boots on a cold cold day.

sherry ♥ lee said...

You being that bit further east than me, you feel the weather changes differently than I do. Those boots look great and I totally get the snow pants for walking any distances..

Thus far we have been blessed with only the cold and some rain..but I know our days are numbered and that snow is going to "hit"!!