Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

The end of the dark and yet, somehow, the official beginning of winter. So what we've lived the last month - still wintry.

I opened an email from my friend Christine today which read, "At 12:47 today the sun stands still -- celebrate!"

And until June 21st, the days will each get a little bit longer. I feel as if I've made it. I always celebrate the fact that the shortest day of the year is behind me, regardless of the fact that the toughest winter months are still to come.

Having tried to embrace the dark these last two months and really delve deeply, working with a deck of cards that describes archetypes and their light and shadow sides, I feel well versed. The one stickler there was that I kept pulling The Saboteur card. And after a little while I decided I needed to settle down and receive that message. I'm still processing.

But a saving grace came last night, while coming to the conclusion of Martha Beck's, "Steering By Starlight". Therein was a poem by Ben Okri (whose book I will be buying after the holidays) which reads:

Remember that all things which happen
To you are raw materials
Endlessly fertile
Endlessly yielding of thoughts that could change
Your life and go on doing forever...
So fear not, my friend.
The darkness is gentler than you think.

I am so grateful for finding that poem when I did. Or perhaps it found me.


Kim Mailhot said...

Perfect poem for this solstice, Kim. I am so glad it found you.
I am having a bizarre appreciation for the darkness this year...a first that I can ever remember, for usually the winter is the season of my discontent big time !
I hope you find lots of sweet tools and words like this poem to help you through and hopefully it will be easier now that we are on the other side...
Here's to the light !
Big Hugs !

Snap said...

It found you. :D

sherry ♥ lee said...

Perfect poem. Happy solstice!

Kate said...

I like the poem also and I do agree that it found you but in sharing it you have let it find a few more of us. I came over from Kim's blog and am glad I did. A happy solstice to you and remember to let the sun shine in no matter how dark it is.