Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Over It

December 9 and I'm over it. Our first storm, which turned out to be less than predicted, but still of storm caliber. Despite all the excitement around me, I just can't muster up any pleasure for the white stuff. I deeply envy all those who either never have to see a flake or who have limited exposure to them. I was doing OK with the dark until this morning. At 7:00 a.m. the street lights were still on and with the incoming weather, the sky looked like it was filled with locusts. I do wish I could feel like this:

but I don't. I hate shovelling it. I hate driving in it. I hate scraping the car windows multiple times a day. I hate the cold feet and the hat hair. I hate the amount of time it takes to get dressed to get us out the door. I hate not seeing green, living things for months on end. Yeah, I'm over it.


sherry ♥ lee said...

I feel exactly as you do...our days for doing as Riley was doing are done..we had our time, we had our fun...but "ugh" -- it's such a chore. Unless you ski or snow board or something it's really more trouble than it's worth.

We were meant to get snow today and it started but turned to pouring rain...then it stopped. I saw some flurries when I was out tonight and I'm hoping it amounts to "zero"!!!

Beth said...

I look out to the backyard this morning - beautiful. The front? My heart sinks - cars, sidewalks, road - covered in snow. And now it's turning to ice. I'm getting too old for this. But we did have a great November, didn't we?

Great photo!

oreneta said...

I'm so sorry...and I know what you mean...part of the reason for the escape.

Kim Mailhot said...

I know this...I am feeling it too. But for my own good, and because I know I can't escape it right now, and I know that I don't want to waste any more of my life waiting for the warmth and snow to be gone before I really live, I am trying really hard to balance my moments of intense loathing with moments of gratitude and focus on what is good, in spite of that gross white stuff...There really is so much good regardless of the difficult climate we live the fact that we all have the same big challenge to overcome so none of us are alone in it ! ;)
Just saw a black headed chickadee eating from my frozen feeder outside my porch...grateful for that...and for the good hearts of my sweet Chicks all around me.
Hang in there, beautiful Chicklet !

Snap said...

Hang in there -- only 6 more months to go? !!!!! (That's what i say about summer down here -- only 6 more months of 100 degree 100 percent humidity and then life!)