Saturday, December 19, 2009


*e*'s 48th question: What have you done over and over this week?

The journaling on the back: "This week I have shovelled and shivered and shivered and shovelled. Lots of snow and deep freeze temperatures. And muddled through in the dark, physically and metaphorically." I started with a homemade collage sheet and used snowflake masks and black ink. I have felt the dark this week, rather deeply. Mind you, I haven't had mice in my house and for the most part we've been pretty healthy. It's just that time of the year, in so many ways. I've never minded when my life has been boring, I embrace boring, I'm probably at my best when the external influences in my life are boring, some of my best friends are boring. As much fun as the approaching holidays are, I will be glad to get back into the regular routine of living and learning.


Kim Mailhot said...

I think that the dark is sometimes necessary to go through so that you know when the light is shining on you...It is always IN you of course ! ;)
Here's to Kim having as much boring as she needs !
Enjoy your Sunday and stay bundled up !
(Love the snow flake design with the dark by the way !)
Hugs !

Beth said...

I’ve considered my life boring at times but from my current vantage point, boring is looking pretty good – although “regular routine” does sound better.
Don’t know if you meant this to be amusing, but “some of my best friends are boring” made me laugh.
Hang in there.