Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Haiku, Take 2

What price vanity?
Slathered on my self-tanner
holding some high hopes.

Looked at the bottle,
discovered it expired
in 2003.

Now my feet appear
to have smoked a pack a day
for the last ten years.


Beth said...

Ha! No picture of your feet?

You win - had a rash on my hands & arms (from gardening!) - Benadryl expired 2007.

Snap said...

Oh, goodness ... I laughed out loud (reminded me of myself), but sorry about your feet. :D

Kim Mailhot said...

Ha ! So funny ! And to think those perfect little white feet were probably highy coveted somewhere else in this world...

GingerB said...

Hmm, that self tanner is even older than the canned peaches I recently tossed out. Funny!

locuasia said...

Thank you Kim for your kind and wise words, as well as your prayers, I really appreciate them - I appreciate YOU!
Since hearing the news I've been waiting for the right moment - if there is such thing - to tell Renata, and praying for guidance as I want to say it the best way possible.
Thank you very much for being there for me :)