Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Haiku

This Friday haiku
is brought to you by feelings
of overwhelment.

Before you say it,
I know that's not a real word
(thank you, Spell-checker).

Sad, Dazed and Confused
is where I spent this last week,

they aren't real places.
It's becoming a habit
to allow myself

these indulgences.
But I think it's time to kick
some butt - namely, mine;

to start taking care
of what is in front of me
and to do it well.

Because even I
am tiring of hearing
the sad song I sing.


Beth said...

Kicking your own butt is difficult to do – both literally and figuratively.
Changing your tune (the song you are singing) is slightly easier.
May you discover better places to be.

Kim Mailhot said...

A gentle and loving kick...listen to this song, loud and sing along...

(her=Love for me )
Love you, Friend !

Snap said...

I've missed *seeing* you. Hugs (with a gentle kick) to you.....

Cheryl said...

And therein lies the reason why there was no Wordless Wednesday, why I missed you, why I felt you needed hugs and forwarded virtual ones.

Kick in the buttinski...a little difficult but I do have an excellent tranquility drug...Elvis the Pelvis singing Burning Love. Don't know why. Don't particularly care. Only know that after the first go, I'm feeling better; after the second, slightly stronger; after the third...the feet them's a tapping. The fourth I'm howlin'. Worx every time!

You go girl!

Paula said...

Holding you in my heart and sending you hugs.