Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have been remiss in sharing my early morning rock messages lately. This morning Riley and I took a rock from our separate stashes and then only showed them to each other before we put them down. It amazes me how well they went together:

And today I just had to look and see if this one had been found:

It had, and we had a good laugh thinking of the person who might of found it.

This was one of Riley's favorite rocks, funny how he doesn't hesitate to leave the things he likes behind:

That same day I left this one on another large rock that had a lovely pattern:

But this shot really blew me away, I only noticed it when I uploaded it to the computer:

The reflected red was from Riley's fleece jacket and it was in all the shots.

And I hope who ever found this one saw the irony:


oreneta said...

I am most impressed that Riley will put his belongings out there too! I love getting rid of stuff too. LOVE IT.

Kim Mailhot said...

Rock on ideed, My Beautiful Friend ! You two are amazing, and I can't tell you how touched it makes me to think of those rocks going forward with your wonderful energy behind them.
I am missing you. Get in touch soon, okay ?
Big Love !

Beth said...

What a unique and rewarding mother/son pastime!
Such a wonderful learning experience for Riley - and for you.

Heather Plett said...

I really love this idea. I think I need to try it with Maddie - she would love it too, I'm sure.