Saturday, May 8, 2010


Yesterday we made a quick trip to Ottawa for a brief family visit and, of course, a trip to Michael's. It's only a two hour drive but I had to stop and empty my tank about half way there. Oddly enough, I found this bit of graffiti in the bathroom stall, right beside the other usual smutty messages. They say a good photographer takes her camera EVERYWHERE, but I draw the line at the bathroom door. Good thing I had my cell phone.

Which got me thinking, as these messages from on high will do, that with mother's day coming up, this is probably the thing most mothers would wish for if a genie flew out of a bottle. And since there are usually three wishes granted, my other two would be a little quiet alone time and finishing one task from start to finish without any interruption. What would you wish for?


Cheryl said...

I'd wish that the demonstration of love from my child last longer. Like all year. Not just Mom's Day when he feels OBLIGED to give a hug. Too busy the rest of the year to put his arms around me. Otherwise, you've got the wishes covered. Happy Mom's Day to you.

Beth said...

So many wishes for my children...
Peace for me.

Happy Mother's Day!