Thursday, May 6, 2010


Isn't this just the picture of magnificence?

It makes me feel like I'm living in the south when the magnolias are in bloom. Mind you, most of them have reached their peak and instead have created these carpets of petals.

That is not my magnolia but I enjoy it just the same. Here's mine which is, in it's own right magnificent:

A couple of winters ago it was almost destroyed by an unexpected and heavy accumulation of snow that fell early, before I could get its protective bonnet on. It's an inspiration to me that after being submerged, weighted down by unearthly circumstances, struggling through an entire year to push and survive and bloom a few meager blossoms, then sleeping once again through a Canadian winter, it has emerged with a renewed sense of spirit, showing its colors and resilience.

To get to that stage where I, too, can show my colors and resilience despite the winters of my recent moods, my message to myself today:


Kim Mailhot said...

Love this post. You may not feel that you are showing your colors brightly and your resilence strongly but I see both whenever I read your words, see your images, hear of the work you do with your seeker heart and when I am blessed to be around you.
Shine on, beautiful Kim.

Snap said...

"emerged with a renewed sense of spirit, showing its colors and resilience" .... a message there for all of us.

Beth said...

You’ve prompted a bit of a wail here. I miss the magnolia tree that once lived on the front lawn – with its sprawling, gangly limbs the boys used to climb and sit on. Yes, I even miss the carpet of petals tracked into the house. (It was cut down – didn’t look “right” – not my choice.)

As for giving a little – it’s always a pleasant surprise as to what you receive in return… :)

Paula said...

Oh, gorgeous shots!!! And, I will echo what Kim said...your colors and your true self peek through this blog...and I am liking what I read, so I keep coming back!