Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zongos of the World, Unite!

Here I am, obsessing about spam again. *sigh* You would think I have nothing better to do. I get a lot of spam from hoards of people named Zongo. First and/or last names, depending on the day, the week. Perhaps in some cultures it is a common name, like our Johns or Smiths. Here, where I live, it is anything but common, except in my spam box. Yesterday I must have deleted at least five from different Zongos. And they all wanted something from me. The messages are usually urgent or desperate or both and they almost always flatter me by calling me "Dearest". One day I may even respond to one of them, so curious am I about that wonderful sounding name in my mouth. Zongo makes me think of the Muppet Gonzo who, according to Wikipedia, is "a character who performs terrible acts but considers them artistic", which may be why I feel a certain connection to Zongo/Gonzo.

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Kim Mailhot said...

I think every artist has a little Gonzo/Zongo in them ! ;)
This world is a weird place my friend, a weird place...