Friday, December 17, 2010

Bonus Haiku

Sick of being sick.
Now it's conjunctivitis.
Sticky, gluey eye.

Oh for goodness sake.
Will it take an exorcist
to rid me of this?


65segundos said...

don't worry, i'm sure it will get better

Kim Mailhot said...

Aw, Shit !

I did bring home a good cold from Montreal(you, my mom and Thomas were all poorly when I visited !) but managed to leave Kate's pink eye in La Conception. You can't blame me for yours though - I saw Kate after you ! ;)
Hang in there and get some drops from the drugs store over the counter asap ! You really need to zap those bacteria - I speak from experience - when I was teaching, I once had it five times in one year !

mario said...

I used to get that when I taught little kids. Now I seem to get it because my eyes are too dry. It's always something!