Tuesday, December 28, 2010

{Virtual Coffee}

Oh my, it's that time again. I'm having a soy latte with double soy since let me tell you, girlfriend, I have been flashin' hot like nobody's business. Usually it's around 3:00 a.m. but it can happen any time. And I don't mind so much because usually I am cold. Even when I'm flashin' my feet are cold.

If we were meeting for coffee today of course we would talk about Christmas and how it all went. I would show you the tree that we "grew" which was kind of weird but fun at the same time. It really only lasted a day before it started falling apart but it was just an example of technology. (I would probably drop a few words about how my mother has complained about the number of emails in her inbox trying to sell her Viagra. We would laugh and I'd say something about how weird it is that this is just an acceptable part of our day now whereas ten years ago we would probably be horrified. Yup, technology. Actually what is probably even more weird is that my mother would even utter the word "viagra" to me.)

I would show you some neat LED candles we got that change colour so that sometimes they are burning the same colour

and other times different ones. Yup, technology.

I would tell you how I feel a little burned out not being able to squeeze much studio time in despite my "time off". And you would say that I need to be more assertive about "my time".

Since the sun is shining we might take a walk around the neighborhood even though it's stupid cold. I would show you my neighbor's tree with the ornaments hanging outside (which has always looked like a bit of a death trap putting them up if you ask me)

and this sad little snowman.

We would marvel at the buds on the magnolia trees that they can hold themselves warm and ready to bloom in the spring despite hanging around out in the cold.

If we were meeting for coffee today I would tell you that I'm quite over Mercury being retrograde and ready for the annoying mechanical failures to become less frequent and while the planet is at it, I'm quite over all the freaky weather like 50 centimetres of snow in New York City (although, better THERE than HERE).

I would tell you about some new life about to come into our house. Riley got an aquarium for Christmas and we spent the better part of today consulting at different stores about what to put in. At first he wanted salamanders but we found out that salamanders should be bought in the spring or the fall (which is why we had a hard time finding any in the first place) so he decided on dwarf African frogs. I would get you to help us cleaning and setting up the whole contraption which is like building a universe unto itself and which has to be in place for a good 2 to 3 days before we go and pick up the frogs. *sigh* But in all the hustle, bustle and extra work involved in this, I am happy to be hosting some new life in the house. It's time.

But look at the time! I will give you the bum's rush out the door because there are things to do! If you're still thirsty and looking for company, head on over to Amy's Lucky 13 for some more.

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oreneta said...

I do like this format, and I think it is totally unfair that you still have cold feet even in a flash. That is also the cutest snowman I think I have ever seen. Hope your Christmas went well!