Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{Virtual Coffee}

Holy cow! It's Tuesday again and time for Virtual Coffee. If we were meeting for coffee today, I would say come and jump in the car because we are going out to have coffee with my oldest friend in the world. It astonishes me that we've been friends for forty years. And she brews a mean cappuccino my friend, would you like cinnamon or chocolate on yours?

If we were meeting for coffee today I would be whipping out my photos and bragging about my amazing son. I would show you a snap of him getting ready for music recital on Sunday afternoon

and one as he sits waiting his turn to play

and more after when the recital was over just before we headed to the goodies table.

The song he chose was kind of simple and I thought he could have played something much more challenging, but I will proudly say he played with flare and the audience all genuinely went "wow" when he was done and applauded with feeling instead of just politely. He is always finding ways to surprise me.

And because once I start talking about him, I find it hard to stop so I would tell you about a Halloween thing he made I just found - a witches cauldron with some things he would put inside.

(dead mouse, coukie, God) Just what goes on in his brain? I would show you another picture I caught of him taking his own picture with his DSi.

And I would tell you how proud he is of his silly bands collection although his teacher has (finally) banned them in her class. It took her awhile and she gave them plenty of chances and exercised a lot of patience but let's face it, they are seven years old.

I would tell you about something else that has been going on in my neighborhood. One of my neighbors has been stealing my songbirds. That's right. He has been tempting them with peanut butter on bread (I caught him in the act) which means my boring old black sunflower seeds have just been sitting in my feeder.

As Bugs Bunny would say, "of course you know, this means war" and I've brought out my heavy artillery - suet! Ha! That'll show him who he's dealing with.

But I have gone on and on - I think I should have stuck with de-caff. What has been going on with you? Was anyone able to watch the lunar eclipse early this morning? I got up at 1:30 but we had heavy cloud cover and the most I could see was ice fog. I would love to see some photos if anyone was lucky enough to get some.

Don't forget to check in with Amy at Lucky 13 for some more coffee and chat.


{Amy} said...

i hoped to see the eclipse as well but as it had been so cloudy and dreary here yesterday i figured we would not be able to see it...so no, i didn't even attempt to get up for it.
you boy is quite handsome. and good for him wowing the crowd, you should be quite proud! my son's teacher banned those bands shortly after school started in september, too tempting for the little ones i guess!
thanks for joining in for coffee...oh and i would take cinnamon on mine! yum!

Anonymous said...

I was sad to have missed the lunar eclipse as well. We were clouded over and getting (even more) snow. Definitely white Christmas for us here!

What instrument does your son play? My dad (piano)always said that the simple pieces are actually more difficult because they must be played WELL. Sounds like your boy accomplished that and them some.

Thanks for joining me for coffee. Have a wonderful holiday!