Saturday, December 18, 2010

What I've Learned, Week 15

This card is fraught with flaws, but I've gone beyond trying to perfect it. It is what it is, like me, warts and all. I've already written about the Sark book I've recently read but its effect is spilling out and sewing up some thoughts and feelings that have been stirring inside of me. Like everyone else on planet earth, I am a work in progress.
The text reads, "You are not the only one walking through your day in grief".
The front is a photo I took last summer with a Kim Klassen texture on top. The back is some scrapbook paper with text photoshopped in.


oreneta said...

That was one of the things with the canvas a day project, you have to give up perfect, and it is a very good seems to me. Flaws, shmwas, no? Love the foot photo.

65segundos said...

there are good weeks and bad weeks, but they are all worth living, because you will always learn something new about the world or about yourself

65segundos said...

it's ok. the photo is from a film called eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. do you know it?