Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Haiku

OK, my day has started off with my clean socks falling in the toilet and discovering Riley has no clean underpants in his drawer. What better way to celebrate this nonsense than with a haiku?

I often have my
deepest thoughts in the shower.
Could it be because

I am looking up -
opening a direct line?
Or could it be that

my spider tenant
is providing answers to
my earthly questions?


oreneta said...

Did you have another pair of socks?????

and, just saying, I'm going with the spider.

Have a great weekend.

Rob-bear said...

There is a certain joyful mindlessness about a shower. Let's you think about important things you might not otherwise consider.

I find the same is true of doing dishes.

lisa geiger said...

it's because you have no clothes on...
do some laundry today?