Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I finally finished my first ATC (art trading card for those who are wondering). I had been seeing "ATC" all over the blog network, wondering what the heck. And Janet from Paulette Insall's Organic Dimension class was kind enough to fill me in when she asked if I wanted to trade with her. So it's ready Janet, and on it's way shortly.
Done on 4"x6" Strathmore watercolor post card, 140 lb coldpress. I was very impressed with the way the paper handled. It has stayed relatively flat and has been quite resilient to all the layers and wiping that went on during its creation. The picture was taken out on my back deck as I am having so much trouble with the lighting on indoor shots. Doing this one card has made me lose a lot of my fear working on watercolor paper so I plan on blazing full steam ahead. Thanks to the mixed media class mentioned, I have all kinds of ideas and projects brewing.


My son, Riley, is going through a phase where basically, I am wrong. About everything. Here's one of our conversations last night, down by the water.

Me: Oh, I see two ducks.
Riley: (climbing a tree) No.

A few seconds later:

Riley: They do a good job looking like rocks.

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