Sunday, October 5, 2008


After my back to nature jaunt the last few days I can definitely say fall is here in my neck of the woods. Literally. A hard frost the night before I arrived and plenty of wind to blow the failing leaves down. Here's a view from the road. Apparently last week was the peak for colors but the birches were still a dandy lot of oranges and yellows. A couple of confused maple leaves. And my son who throws a fit everytime I ask him to put on his (new) fall jacket. The only thing I can get out of him is that everyone will laugh at him because the jacket is so big. Frankly I thought it was perfect, maybe even a little small. I've tried a few, "fine, don't wear the jacket, get pneumonia and spend the winter in the hospital"s and "OK, go outside naked then"s but it's really not getting me anywhere.

Maybe he's just finding his own voice but this is the first time he seems to feel so strongly about any article of clothing. Usually he's thrilled with new stuff, even new clothes. And I can't figure it out or reason it out. And it's making me not a little bit crazy. He obliged me for a little while in the morning, long enough to get a few snaps but it's been hell. And the jacket hasn't been on since.

It's making me feel a little like these dried out wildflowers. Parenting can be so ageing.

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