Thursday, October 2, 2008

Middlesex and technology

I finally finished Middlesex by JeffreyEugenides. It took me two and a half weeks although the first week I wasn't reading as much as I usually do. It had a whole lot more history than I bargained for but I was surprised at how easily I could become connected with the three different generations represented throughout the book. I liked it alot but I was just as happy to finish it. I guess I liked it enough to look into his other books. Now I've moved onto Kiran Desai's, The Inheritance of Loss. I'll need something light and chick-lit-ish when I'm done with that. I love libraries.


I actually left the house this morning without my cell phone, which I had only realized once I was far enough away to not go back for it. And I made it through the day without anything catastrophic happening like my nose falling off or an emergency coming up that couldn't possibly wait a couple of hours or for someone else to handle. Which got me thinking about what life was like before we all walked around permanently connected to someone or other. I will be unplugging tomorrow for a couple of days, taking care of some essential duties close(r) to nature - digging up the lid to my septic tank!

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