Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Not to Blog

Note to self:

I can't tell you how many blogs I have read where the writer has either regretted posting something or where the blogger has closed down site and set up again in a different location because of backlash over something he/she had written. And I don't mean a one-time post that might have been a hot bed of contention, I mean repetitive posts. So I thought since I'm new at this I could learn from some mistakes others have made and give myself a reminder of what not to blog. It could also serve me in daily life when I'm wondering, "should I say that?". Here goes:

1) don't post it if it's going to hurt the feelings of someone you know;
2) don't post it if it's going to hurt the reputation or another aspect of someone you know;
3) don't post it if you simply want revenge;
4) go ahead and rant but don't name names;
5) don't post it if it's inherently mean and, even if you haven't used names, the person or people would be easily recognized by others or by themselves;
6) don't post it if you are getting back at someone when it was your own fault for er...being human.

Yeah, I know life isn't a bed of roses sometimes. Since September I have been trying to help my son who is being bullied at school and I can't help but feel it's all tied in. Adults bully too. Some use their words on the internet to do the bullying or for lashing out and you know, when they do, someone somewhere gets hurt. If you need to get something off your chest, get a journal. Or get a friend. Draft a posting and wait 24 hours before publishing it. Think how it would feel if what you were writing about was being written by someone else about you.

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