Sunday, October 12, 2008

The remains of the garden

This week I managed to spend $12 on designer coffees. I won't say how much I spent on blue jeans except that if you find a pair that fits, you buy two pair. And I found a pair that actually makes me look like I have an ass so... I did save over $100 on a snowsuit for Riley because last night when we tried his on from last winter it still fit. And fit well. I couldn't believe it so I made him do all kinds of crazy contortions to make sure it wasn't pinching or binding anywhere. I don't remember it being that big on him last year but it must have been bigger than I remembered it. Now unless he has an extraordinary growth spurt we are good to go. With new boots, gloves, hats, neck-warmers we are indeed ready for the snow. But you know, I'll never be "ready".

And this afternoon since it was so gorgeous out we cleaned up the front yard and put out our Hallowe'en decorations. There isn't much left blooming, but a few stragglers. Most of the garden looks like this.

And this.
I do still have that incredible vine going strong, a handful of nastursiums, some raspberries and a cone flower or two.

And then there are my neighbor's incredible and rather sensual tree peonies.

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