Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 Columns Question

I'm throwing a question out there - I'm trying to edit my template to make three columns instead of two. I have found a few online sources but whenever I do a "preview" all my existing right column ends up on the bottom. Does any one have a sight that spells how to do this simply? Muchas gracias.


Beth said...

I wish I could help.
I really, REALLY wish I could help. If I could, the template on my own blog would look half-decent & creative.
Best of luck.

sherry lee said...

I have a 3 column as you know and it was done by the woman who created the blog template. I followed her instructions to put it on mine and it worked a charm (her site is at the bottom of mine, under the site that and it will take you to it). I lost some things when I converted to 3 column but it was easy enough to replace what I lost.

One thing...I had to put it on in Firefox. That may be some help (or not!!).