Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photo Tag

My fellow blogger, Beth, has a challenge up on her blog and I have been tagged. Take the first folder from your photos, choose the tenth picture in that photo, post it and tell the story behind it. Mine is kind of boring as I have an awful lot of stock of Riley, but here goes:

The odds that it would be a photo of Riley were pretty high. And I only have photos on my computer starting from last December, the rest are stored on my MyBook so it's not even an old one PLUS to validate my retentiveness, the folders are alphabetical . From December 2008, probably Riley's last swimming lesson, also taken with my old camera.

Anyone else up for this little challenge - consider yourself tagged! Happy weekend!


sherry lee said...

He looks like he's having a good time!!! Beth tagged me too and I played today as well...I had a hard time finding a folder with 10 photos!!

Beth said...

Glad you played!
Riley looks so determined in that photo - concentrating to stay afloat, I guess. ;)