Monday, June 29, 2009

Q24 & Q25

I have now caught up (so a new question can be posted later today) with *e*'s 24th and 25th questions. Phew! Q24 was, "Name something you don't understand, but you want to..." Well, I thought about that one for almost two weeks. I thought I might go deep and esoteric, pondering the big questions in and about life but it didn't feel right. So I went for the funny bone, the cornball, but it's sincere. I really don't understand this. Here it is, front and back:

The back reads: Nothing quite says acne like "Clearasil", does it? I would like to understand why, at 48, I can get just as vicious acne as I did at 14. Haven't I paid my dues? WTF?! Who knew you could wake up with fresh wrinkles and pimples on the same day on the same face!

The Clearasil logo photoshopped, the back is simply scrapbook paper but I thought it kind of looked like whiteheads!

The Q25 was, "Have you had a hug today?" I went for the cornball again, but all I could think of was teddy bears and my son. Scrapbook paper and embellishments, ink.

The back reads: It is hard, if not impossible, to live in a house with a small child and NOT get hugs even before you get out of bed and multiple times throughout the day. YES! I've had a hug today!


Snap said...

Amen to the first one. And, remember you need a certain number of hugs daily to maintain sanity.... good thing you have Riley! :D

sherry lee said...

Hugs from children are some of the best...and they remind us why we had them and why we love them...helps for when they do things we don't understand or those days when we don't get along. To finish or start a day with a hug from a child? Bliss!!!

And adult acne...blame it on the hormones...we go through the change at 14, we go through the change by 40 (that peri menopause seems to take forever!!). You are not alone but that doesn't make it any easier to accept!!!

Kim Mailhot said...

Yay for hugs - can never have enough of those ! My hubby and I are big huggers - at least three or four a day, minimum. So good for ya !

Boo for zits side by side the wrinkles ! Our bodies sure are miraculous but weird too ! What can you do?

Sending big virtual hugs you can add to your count today !