Monday, June 22, 2009

Wreck This Journal, Week 3

Here it is, my second vlog, week 3 of the wreck. I didn't do so well this week, but I did learn a lot about how I hold back during the creation process, how my fear of mucking it up is so strong. So that's a good thing. I'll be much more aware of that as I head into this studio this week. I might even do some real damage to the book.


And, still life with compost, after a few spins around the drum:


laughingwolf said...

looks like a fun project... carry on :)

WrightStuff said...

I think my mistake was to put it in a loose pocket - meaning it obviously fell out during the wash process giving it the chance to be pulverised. It seriously was gone - just specks of white left! I was really disappointed!!! But I guess I couldn't have wrecked it any more than that :)
Happy wrecking this week!

Kirby3131 said...

I am really enjoying all of the vlogs. I think I'm going to have to suck it up and do that one of these days. Maybe the very last WTJ post :) That'll give me a month LOL

The ink that you dripped made a perfect circle. Did it happen to go all the way through to the circle page? No, I guess it wouldn't have, the two pages are pretty far apart.

Kim Mailhot said...

Hey there Kim ! You are getting brave with the vlogging. We got to see your lovely face today along with your pages ! Cool !Maybe you are looser than you think !;)

I went to pick up the book this weekend and Barnes and Noble but didn't feel like I wanted to spend 12.00 of my precious biudget on it right now. I think I have kind of learned to be pretty free in my art play already - which I am sooooo thankful for. I do admire the fun that you all are having with recording your adventures though ! I will continue watching and exploring vicariously !
Hope your first week of summer with Riley is extra sweet !

Snap said...

You are getting good at this vloging stuff. Happy wrecking!

Beth said...

You’ve got me thinking about my writing with this post – how perhaps what is holding me back (from finishing so much of what I start) is the desire to get the words just right – no mess, no “wreck.” I didn’t use to be like that. I would just let the words flow and make corrections later. Am I trying for too much control now? And why? Good questions to consider.

Kim said...

I'd say that if you learned alot about how you block yourself creatively and how your fear of "mucking it up" holds you back - then you DID do alot this week. Congratulations!

Scarlet said...

Great job! I love the dirt page!! You've inspired me to get out there now that it just stopped raining and rub some mud on that page. Woo-hoo!

sherry lee said...

You are becoming quite the vlogger and how nice this week to see you behind (or is that in front of?) the camera!! From here on whenever I read your blog I will be seeing and hearing you speak the words!!

I'm laughing at the wrecking of the've inspired me and I bought one for myself on Friday when I was in Chapter's. I'm slowly beginning the wrecking process. Love the dirt!!!! :)

locuasia said...

Holaaaaaaa Kim! How wonderful to hear from you, I've missed you! Great to see your lovely face :) I think I am behind the times as I don't know anything about vlogging and journal wrecking!!! LOL!
I am a bad mother, Renata's felt food is not finished yet :(
Is Riley to old for felt food playing or do you think he might be interested in some pieces? Please let me know! Have a great week ~
P.S. I LOVE your new banner and the overall look of your blog - I am crazy about the bird!!!

Pretty Things said...

I just bought this book today after reading several blogs about it! Looking forward to starting it, but I'm VERY Type A so I wonder how it will go?