Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting My Hands Dirty

I went to an art gallery during my lunch hour today. It was just a short walk from where I work and on the weekend I had seen a review of the exhibit of the artist, Jim Dine. When I was in art school back in the late 70's, early 80's his work knocked me off my feet. Especially his etchings and drawings. What I found so disappointing at the exhibit was that I couldn't touch any of the pieces. Now, I KNOW I'm not supposed to touch them but sometimes they just beg to be poked, stroked and caressed. There were a few canvases with acrylic paint, charcoal and sand, some bronze sculptures that had been painted and let me tell you, if it wasn't such a snooty place and I wasn't being watched like a thief who was about to tuck one of the pieces under my arm and make a break for it, I would have touched. Then it got me thinking that wouldn't it be great to work in a gallery that allowed touching?

After seeing this at Sherry Lee's blog, I signed up for Carmen's Spill It! class where we will definitely be getting our hands dirty. It starts on October 1, so if you want to join in, better hurry on over and sign up. Here is one of her videos that just might entice you. And as if that isn't enough, one lucky person will win the tuition for the workshop. Yowza!


Sherry said...

I'm glad you signed up!!! This will be one "legitimate" way of touching art -- your own!! Hands on all the way!! I do know what you mean though about not being able to touch in a gallery...I know they are worried about oils and dirt from hands (I used to work with a conservator and a curator), but lets face it -- some art is just begging to be touched!!

Snap said...

Oh, boy ... We are all going to get messy! YeeeeeHaaaaaw.

Beth said...

A child would have touched.
When do we become so inhibited and start obeying all the rules?